Our Story

Minimalism is everywhere right now, from fashion and beauty, to poetry.

The reason why it’s become so popular is because it promises happiness. Yes, minimalism is a philosophy that believes that the fewer things we have, the more beautiful our lives will become, and the happier we will be. Or, basically, to put it more briefly: less is more.

We love minimalist lifestyle so much, and would want more and more people to know about this lifestyle and start to enjoy this lifestyle as such,
TMSP & Co. gathered minimalist, cool, stylist product here to promote. 

Our Mission   

To Supply The Best Quality Product, Customer’s Shopping Experiences and After Sales Services.

Our Vision

To be One of The Most Trusted & Reliable Minimalist Fashion Style Brand

Our Brand

We founded our Brand Name in Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan since 2012, expert in selling quality products online and provide the best after-sales services.

Our Commitment

Each and every product, we are committed to screen thru more than 10 Manufacturers and Suppliers, to ensure that we bring you The Best Quality Product with Reasonable Price.


Why TMSP & Co. Products

We direct deal with the Factories personnel and let them manufacture all the products for us which mean, we have cutting all the middlemans such as Distributors and Retails/ Malls to reduce unnecessary cost, so that we are able to sell all our products at reasonable price for our beloved and valued customers and supporters.